ELP web = your ELP


I'm a Czech system engineer that is passionate about web and technology that lies behind all the amazing visual designs and interactive features. Trying to balance what you see, with hidden esthetics of backend code and performance, is important quality and motivation for me. I enjoy the creative process in my work, and the fact that I can help someone else.
I'm registered in Sweden for FA-tax, under label ELP web.

ELP web is currently stationed in the north, in cozy town Umeå, the celebrated European Capital of Culture 2014!!!

ELP web

ELP web have worked for clients from around the globe with broad scale of projects. From small web tools, payment service integration, social community platforms, REST services, to robust business systems. Programming mostly in PHP (CakePHP, Zend Framework), MySQL at backend and Javascript (jQuery, Ext JS, Bootstrap), HTML and CSS at frontend.


If you need elp with your unique visions, great ideas or Utopian dreams, go ahead...